Poison Ivy Results

I had a bout with poison ivy a few weeks back and had several great remedy recommendations.  Two worked pretty well…

1) Aim a hot blow-dryer at the sores for several minutes multiple times per day (as needed) to dry the oil and reduce the itchiness of the sores.  This worked well.

2) I grew up using a product for poison ivy called “Rhuli Gel“.  It disappeared and was moved around to different Big Pharmas and brand labels for a number of years.  We still had some under a different label, but this worked really well.  Now it’s available again as Rhuli Gel, so I’d highly recommend it.

3) I had a recommendation from one of my co-workers about Tecnu soap product.  I didn’t notice much benefit washing my skin with it.  But I believe it was very helpful for washing clothing that had the bad oils on them.

We loaded the washer with the exposed clothing items and lots of hot water on a soak setting.  Then we put in a tablespoon or so of the Tecnu soap, ran a soak and spin cycle, and ran all the suspected clothing again in hot water with regular laundry detergent.

What tips do you have to clean up after poison ivy exposure?