Resources for Gardening

Speaking at Conduit Church in Franklin, TN on Saturday April 22nd about gardening.  Here are some of the resources that we will mention:

Well Watered Garden Project – this is my favorite resource for gardening.

Redeeming the Dirt Academy – this is a network for Christian agriculture people, passionate to use agriculture to share Jesus.

Get Chip Drop – this is a source for free wood chips, however, you will get a large truckload, which may not be for everyone. Also, the website will suggest getting logs with your drop, absolutely say no to logs.

Clyde’s Garden Planner – this is a great, simple tool for knowing when to plant the basic vegetables in the fall and spring.

Back to Eden film – this is a great documentary film, inspiring, but I would get motivation here, but not the specifics of starting a garden. The Well Watered Garden Project is an easier approach. (See it on the original site)