Getting Started with Layer Chickens

We had tons of great questions at the Teach Them Diligently in Pigeon Forge.  Y’all are so excited about homesteading and worshiping Jesus.  We are so encouraged.

Number one question we have received:  How to get started with Layer Chickens:

Here are the supplies I recommend to get started from

1) PoultryNet® 12/42/3 Kit, (164′ roll of white/black, double spike netting & 4 support posts) Item Number #201935 is what I first ordered.

2) Ground Rod Item Number #151210

3) Alligator Clips Item Number #335505 – Get the longer ones 48″, might need to order two sets of these.

4) Fence Energizer – I like a small Solar Energizer to start with; the ones at Premier One Supplies are pretty big for Chickens, that said here is the smallest one they have:

Intellishock 30 Item Number #113200

Okay, this is a good stopping point for today.  Next post will look at various housing options for 6 week old plus chickens.