About Us

Welcome to Redeemed Homestead! We are a family of six living in Middle Tennessee and seeking to live for the glory of God. We are working toward being independent from the world through our homestead and dependent on God to provide for us. We homeschool our kids and include them in the homesteading process in order to teach them responsibility, life skills, and reliance on God for our daily bread.

Our farm began in 2015 with a three year promise from the Lord Jesus about a farm. Three years later (to the day), we got a rabbit. And we just keep adding to our flock.

We aspire to live quiet lives, mind our own business, work with our hands, and be dependent on no one (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12), and we want to help you do this too! We want to pass our discoveries to others, and so we started Redeemed Homestead.

God Bless,

Nathan, Carla, Miriam, Hannah, Solomon and Rebekah Ahlstrom