Best Barn Cats Ever!

We’ve always wanted barn cats, so when we saw an ad for free barn cats, we couldn’t have been more excited! We decided to jump in and get them.

Cat Pickup

We picked up the cats one Tuesday in August. First, we got all the supplies we’d need from our local feed store. Then we were on our way to pick up our little guys from a farm just down the road. We picked out two young toms and headed home, arguing all the way on what to name them.


Coconut was easy. He’s almost white, so “Coconut” was logical. As we soon discovered, he’s a little more standoffish. But by now, he’s warmed up considerably. He’s a bit smaller than the other one, because he was the runt of his litter. So far, he has eaten all the mice they’ve caught. He’s doing a bit of bodybuilding. He also has lots of nicknames.This is a picture of Coconut





Oscar was a bit harder to name, but his name fits him well. This is a picture of Oscar He is the more cuddly of the two, will climb onto my lap, and comes as soon as you open the door! He is a bit chubby and eats most of the food that we give them. He is very lovable and will always welcome you to the porch with a big purr.


Active Cats

Oscar and Coconut love exploring the homesteading neighborhood and climbing trees. They’ve quickly widened their boundaries to include the whole farm, not just the back porch. So far, they’ve caught mice, moles, grasshoppers and moths for lunch and between meal snacks.

Because our cats are so lovable, we’ve come to the conclusion that if you want a pest control cat, get a girl, but if you want a pet, get a boy.